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Moving again! (does it ever end)


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OK all This should be the last time................

If all goes well I will be moving the new tank to its new home near the stairs this weekend. I have the tile company committed to having the new floor installed by Thursday. This means I have to have the new tank in its spot by Monday so he can tile the other room.

This move will just be a move and no livestock, plumbing, or water is involved!!!!!

I need enough people to pick the 180 off the stand put it on the ground, then carry the stand into its new home, pick up the tank and place it on the stand. I will try and get a hold of Caferacermike to get the suction cups for the tank move.

I would like to shoot for Saturday morning. If anyone is interested please post or let me know.






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I won't be able to make it my sister and her husband will be in town. I guess you didn't need the hand truck and carpet movers after all. :)

Yes we did use the carpet movers and they worked great. We had enough people to get the tank tilted without using the hand truck though. Thanks for the help.

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Aaron you asked if you could borrow my suction cups and the answer is yes. Tried calling but I got your Vmail. I won't be available to help as I'll be at work on Saturday, as has been the case for the last 4 months.

Thanks for the Cups Mike

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