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BioCube light upgrade(144w) for 89 bucks


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Well I have been wanting to upgrade my BioCube29s stock lighting kit to 144w for a while now but didn't want to drop the 180 bucks nano tuners demand for the 144w upgrade. I also didn't like the idea of placing all the bulbs in the stock light cover. So I found a nice 36wx2 retro kit for 80 bucks(w/bulbs!) and "tunned" it myself. The front feeding door was converted to a removable light camber. The stock reflector and moonlights were moved and cut to accommodate and extra bulb. Remounted the moon lights at a 30 degree angle from the back of the tank to give them more coverage. The nano tunners kit pretty much takes the moon lights out of the picture. I also replaced the fans with some extra CPU fans I had lying around, and sealed the venting so air would be forced from one side to the other, so now the hood stays much cooler (cool to the touch). Having the extra light in front of the tank is great as a LOT of corals are up there. The tank is now twice as bright. It was a royal pain in the *** cutting the acrylic and shaping it to make the extra light chamber but I would highly recommend giving a project like this a shot if you have a cube. It's bright!


Cube under 144w while maintaining the stock look from the outside.


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