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I have permission for my new tank installation!


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The Coloniel, as I affectionatly call her....has without pause, agreed to the placement of my new up and coming Reef Tank! Guess I'll keep her around awhile! ;)

Originally, I was going to place a 215 gallon (72"x24"x31") between two pilars dividing my living room and dining room.

Multiple issues here: First and foremost, the removal of the carpeting and refinishing of the floor. Secondly, what if we wanted to rearrange the room? Now we have a huge monolith smack-dab in the center of the two room and no room flow. Third, I would need a custom stand with access from both sides of the room and there is really no place to hang the MH lighting.

So, inspired by a post on Reef Central: http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthre...hreadid=1304924

Built into the wall from a guest bedroom closet. This was a great idea. post-155-1203129639_thumb.jpg

I don't have a guest bedroom nearby but upon entering the front door of my home, I have a vestibule closet, art niche and 5 more linear feet of wall that is 30" deep. The art niche is 26"x30"x54" high. The remaining straight part of the wall is 59". I'm sure that I could for ease of measurment bury it an extra inch in length to 60". I will make the tank in this shape:

Here are some shots of of the art niche and wall where I am going to put the tank.




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The slant end faces the front door and does get some filtered East sun. I don't think that will be too much of an issue. I do think it will add some "natural" appeal and give a nice view lengthwise.

I'm not sure who will build the tank yet. Since just making this decision yesterday I have already spoken with a rep from Deep Sea Aquatics. I like what they have to say on their site being all of them are the former employees of the Oceanic Company that shut down in Dallas. Master builders as well. They only use Starphire glass.

I've read good things on Aquarium Obsessed as well.

I can tell you whom I won't use: "Glasscages".

I may also bring the tank down to 30" deep as the proposed setup is 36". That would still give me ~335 gallons. I'm not sure how easy it will be to not only setup but, work on a tank that's 36" deep? Where the spotlight is located in the art niche I thought I'd keep that sort of "recessed lighting" theme down the length of the tank for the MH double-ended lighting. It will be clean looking as there will be no hood. I will have "art frame" panels above to access the lighting and below there will be removable "raised panels" on the slant side and two on the long side for complete access to the sump and everything else.

Getting that ~800 lb monster into the space should be quite an undertaking,

Any thoughts guys and gals?

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WOW!!!......I agree it is gonna be crazy cool looking, the sunlight issue i think wont be an issue. I have west sunsetting light on my tank and its fine. I actually leave the blinds slightly open so as the daylight comes up the tank has time to so-called "wake up" before the lights come on. I think that this helps in not shocking the corals. But thats just my theory. It may not make a bit of difference. Man I cant wait to see the progress as it happens. Good LUCK!!!

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I hate to show my age, but, I'm not exactly "blog" savey???? I'll give it a try though? Is that where I just keep putting up the progrss that this goes through? I should ask my 8 year old, she probably knows???? :rolleyes:

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Well.....I just hit a giant snafu on this project. I don't know what made me take a look at the architectural plans for the home but now I've come across a huge problem. My entire second bathoom is in the way! I thought that the bathroom was only as deep as the closet. RAT FARTS!!!

I could either go back to the "room divider" look or keep the slanted look but place it against a wall. Everything else pales in comparison to this "in the wall" project.

Back to the drawing board.... :rolleyes:


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