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ca reactor, om squirt, 1000+gph pump, ph monitor, tds meter, ect...


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I have the following items that are in excellent condition if you are interested in them:

Schuran JetStream I Calcium Reactor (retail $560) $475 (includes some media and new tubing)

20 lb CO2 Tank & Pressure Regulator w/Solenoid (probably half-a-tank of CO2 loaded) $150

UltraLife Ultra Float Auto-Top-Off Switch $45


512 341 2980

[email protected]

im trying to set up my 75g and i need a calcium reactor w/co2 tank and regulater, a high volume pump of 1000+ gph, om squirt or similar device, ph monitor, phosban reactor, tds meter, refractometer, and an auto top off unit.
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