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Shells for Live Rock


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Being a chef and restaurant owner I come across lots of cool stuff. Lately I purchased about 35 pounds of oysters (live of course) to serve as a special. I kept all of the disgarded shells, throughly cleaned and rinsed them and kept them in a huge trash can with recirculating water. I was either thinking of using them in my new tank setup in the sump area in lieu of live rock or perhaps using them in the new tank as "rubble" if you will, in a certain part of the tank? They create their own crevices simply by dumping them and offer a natural basis for coraline to grow on.

I've tested them in small batches before as I now make all of my own live rock. I refuse to pay $6-7 a pound any longer. I have made about 50 lbs so far and with great results.

Thought it was a good excuse to have yourself an oyster shucking party or clam bake!

Just wondered what you thought about the look????

Best Regards,


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I think I would boil them for about 20 min before I used them. I don't see any reason that wouldn't be ok but I am not sure how it would look.

Yea, maybe better in a refuge tank or quarentine tank. They are clean and sterile now.

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