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T5 bulbs for sale or trade...cheap!


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In my endless pursuit of the perfect bulb combo for my tank, I've ended-up with some extra bulbs.

All bulbs are HO T5's 48" long. Here's what I have:

1 new T5 HO Blue (I don't remember the brand. This is a basic actinic I think)

1 used T5 HO Blue (same brand as above with 2 months of burn time at 8 hours a day)

1 used Geisemann Midday (6000k growth bulb with about 6 weeks burn time at 8 hours a day)

1 used Geisemann aquaBlue + (Geisemann's best bulb imo. Good growth and good looking light. 2-3 months burn at 8hr/day)

All four bulbs for only $40.00. I won't sell these individually, so please don't ask. If you want one you gotta take all four.

If you're looking at this thread or you PM me, please bump the thread.

I'll throw-in a red monti cap frag or a frag of xenia with the purchase of these bulbs.

I'm open to trades, too. Let me know what you have.


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