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Hello to All

I am trying to set up a custom tank and the wife won't let me do it till I sell the other 2 tanks that

I have. One is a 50 gallon acrylic with custom end overflow and 36" stand. Also includes a 12" tall

canopy designed for MH lighting with fans. It also includes a sump with all the plumbing to hook it

up. The other tank is a custom nano that I built but have decided to go another direction hince the

new tank. I am asking at least $300 for the 50 gallon and the nano is brand new and is going for

$180. Please let me know or call me if you are interested.

James D





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you should buy the nano since you liked it when I brought it to the house. It would look nice with

your other collection of tanks.

Or the other tank it is a great looking room divider setup.

Any other takers?

The dimensions on the Nano is 20" square and 18" tall my idea was to put a 150 MH over the top

for a stony and clam tank. It also has 4 returns or 2 closed loops. The fug can come out as well

and the filter area in the back is about 4" wide.

The 50 gallon is 36"long 15" deep 20" tall

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Just bringing this up again to see if there is any new interest. I know someone could use these.

I will come down to $150 on the nano. I had had a couple of hits, but no bites. I have to hold

up my end of the deal - no more new tanks till these are gone per wife. Please Help!!

James Durant


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