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DIY Lumenbright reflectors

Veni Vidi Vici

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I built a DIY Lumenbright reflector mock up a while back with a pattern i found on another salt water forum and thought i might build a pair for my build if i can find some high polished reflective material for a reasonable price. Anyway I thought i would post it if anyone was interested in doing it.

Here is the pattern I started with.

here is the patternReflector14.jpg

I decieded to fist mock it up with poster board to make sure it was going to work before i invested the time and money into fabricating a metal one.




I bought a piece of stock sheet metal from a hardware store and cut it with tin snips and bent it up with a 12" hand break and a 10' aluminum break.

Fasened together with some rivits.

And .........



Im not sure what metal to use to get the best results.Polished aluminum????


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Haven't gone into production yet and already have us tomes lined up. Not bad.

i work cheap,,, little live sand and rock for seed...a frag or two lol maybe a ball of cheatogrin.png

Im going to pick up my tank tommorrow so its go time, Build the stand ond hood first .... still kicking around ideas but im leaning towards something like my old one.



Only difference this time is I want to build two thin side cabinets that reach from floor to top of hood.

I want to keep dosing pumps controller supliments,,,,,, in them because the stand is going to be filled with my 75 gal sump/refug.

Something like this kinda,,,sorta...


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