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280g custom salt water setup


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Brand new to this forum and unfortunately need to sell my tank. I have over $7,500.00 into it and would like $2,500.00 for the whole set up. The tank was setup for a year and a half or so and wife won't allow in our new home. The tank can be seen in Bulverde, Texas which is north of San Antonio.

Custom 280 tall reef ready tank (72x30x30) with canopy and stand which are covered in a beautiful honey oak stain and finish tank was factory drilled. The tank was setup between stone columns. It has over flow on one end and returns on the other. Stand and canopy are covered all around. Tank is in fine condition and is currently crated up from our recent move. Canopy has fans installed on each end. Sale will include a dual tower wet dry filter manufactured by Life Reef systems. A Life Reef skimmer rated for tank. VHO lighting with an Icecap 660 ballast. a new in box Kent RO system. 2 little giant pumps a model 4 MDQX SC and a model 2 MDQX SC. Heaters. Airator. Dry base rock and associated timers for lights and pumps.

Click here for pics:


Here is a list of equipment:

  • Resource International Lighting (4) – FRQ40T12 Super Actinic/VHQ-1 ultraviolet.
  • IceCap Industries – Model 660 electronic lamp driver.
  • Canopy fans – one at each end
  • Lower cabinet lighting
  • Tetra Luft Pump – model WL16655
  • LifeReef Filter Systems - Dual tower filter system with media (http://www.lifereef.com/frame.html)
  • LifeReef Filter Systems – Protein Skimmer. (http://www.lifereef.com/frame.html)
  • Light and pump timer.
  • Kent Marine – Dual stage RO System (NIB).
  • Second Nature – Whisper 600 Aerator.
  • All Filters, hoses and setup equipment.
  • Tank was factory drilled (5 holes) at bottom on sides allowing see through presentation.
  • Second Nature – (2) Acura 1000 automatic aquarium heaters.
  • Little Giant – Model 4-MDQX-SC pump
  • Little Giant – Model 2-MDQX-SC pump
  • Hundreds of pounds of rock

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