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Elvis is 20 . . . at least


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Moved Elvis into his retirement home today (I hope I don't have to move him again laugh.png ). He was purchased in 1994 and was about 4" - 5" long so his estimated age is something like 23 to 25 years old. At the moment he's about 12" long TL.

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Public aquariums have had specimens live into their 30' and 40's. I would hazard a guess a median age should be around 30. One of the things that we are learning now that more aquarists are keeping systems for decades is it's almost always a mistake to keep more than one specimen of a Zebrasoma species in a system. From what I've seen it almost certainly takes 5 years or more for a tang to mature and in the confines of any but the largest tanks they will become territorial and the most aggressive will, sooner or later, kill off the less dominate fish.

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WOW! Most marriages don't last that long, at least not anyone that I know. LOL!

Any longevity tips?

My tip, don't tell your wife that.


As for the fish that is really awesome that those guys have lived that long!!! I had no idea that some of these guys live as long as 30-40 years. Had heard of clowns that live for close to 20 years, but 30 is pretty darn amazing!!!!

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I can't see the videos and nothing happens when I click the you tube button so I'm sol. I would like to say tho that you have a fish that is older than I am lol

You post elicits and interesting combination of both amusement and annoyance. laugh.png

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Sadly I have to report the Yellow Tang is dead! ohmy.png And sadder yet, not from natural causes. A family member who was visiting my client decided since everyone would be gone for the weekend it would be best to turn off the AC. Also lost was a several Montipora and Seratopora. Acros survived along with zoas, Xenia and other soft corals.

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