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pieces parts and frags.


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Been buying up lot's of little pieces here and there and now I found this site. The first weekend in Aug is looking to be a good for me and I'm looking to add more bits. Seems that there has already been quite a bit of fragging going on here and I'd like to hear back from any members that might have some stuff for sale next weekend. I'm not picky. Prefer zoos and LPS (esp hammers, torch, frog spawn, bubbles, cynareena (?) and scolomia), small pieces of brains, and I've just gotten into SPS. I don't want your super awesome to die for pieces of sps as I probably won't be able to keep them alive. I've had some troubles in the past with sps frags and I think I'm getting better. Problems with brains and cynareena shedding slime at night and that slime getting wrapped around the sps. So for the SPS I'd be interested in colorful quick growing hardy pieces. Caps, turbos, scrolls, stag horns, montis and acros.

Current setup to consider for offerings,

75g rr with trigggerfish sump ER skimmer, eheim 1262 return, 7g fuge with cheato and thousands of tiny feather or fan worms.

540w light, 2x 175 MH 20K and 2x 96w PC duals (12K and blue). Getting ready to swap bulbs to 10K MH and 20K super blue PC.

About 1,500gph flow from Tunze surging PH, Seio pumps, and return.

2" live aragonite SB

200+lbs live rock.

ammonia. 0

nitrites. 0

nitrates. Less than 20ppm

PH 8.4 by day and 8.17-2 at night. (pinpoint monitor)

salinity 1.025

phosphates. 0

CA looking around 500 (tests kits say that but MAASTARDS swear it can't happen.)

KH (ALK) 10DKH or 179mq/l

Tested twice weekly with Doc wellfish professional set (same as RCA)

Feeds, Kent phytomax, chromamax, zoomax (dropper foods), garlic elixir as a stimulant, marine C just because, cyclopeeze, hikari mysis, hikari spirulina brine, hikari pellets, New spectrum marine pellets, red sea pellets, nori seaweed sheets, adult live brine, live ghost shrimps, live guppies and I also add chopped fish and shrimp for the larger anemones and corals. Of course this is not all at once but whatever I feel like adding that day.

Supplements, Kent Kalk, seachem reef complete, carbonate, super buffer.

So if you feel like any of what you have would work with my system let me know.

Thanks, Mike Pawlowski.

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Hay Mike,

If you feel like driving down again, I can cut you frags of sps, zoa's, pretty much anything. But I dont know if oyu wont to drive down.

Just let me know- prices wil be around $10.00-15.00 a frag.

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Monica let me see if I am working this weekend or not. Been working 7days, 80 hours for almost 4 months. Took some time off today for family events.

Monica is the best!!! That's where all the rock for my tank came from. Anyone thinking of getting rock best think of her first.

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Mike if you cant make it this coming weekend no problem. When ever you can make the trip is cool with me just give me a heads up first..

I have a pic of your tank from start up but show us some recent pics why dont you. I havent seen it in what almost a year know?

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