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Tanks, Aquaripure, BC29 w/ LEDS and more


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I'm planning on moving soon and need to get these tanks out ASAP smile.png I'll post pictures up later today after I get off of work!


Live Rock
Live CC
Custom Stand (Built like a tank, just needs plywood for finishing)
Fully Dimmable LED Upgrade from Steves LEDs
InTank Media Compartment
Random Zoas
Tank itself is SCRATCH FREE and was maintained really well. Currently running without any fish.

BC 8: $80 SOLD
Live Rock
Live CC
Custom Stand (Matches the stand I built for the BC29)
Stock lighting
Hydor Rotating flow deflector on return
Tank is in excellent condition and it's NOT MADE ANYMORE.

55 Acrylic HEX: $60 SOLD
Old Eheim canister filter
Tank is pretty scratched up (previous owner had 3 little children), but nothing that some elbow grease or pneumatics can't polish out. Don't have lights for this tank!

36 Acrylic Bowfront: $60 SOLD
Penguin 350 (Fits PERFECTLY for the tank)
Black Back
Tank has a few light scratches that could be easily buffed out with Novus. No lights or stands on this tank!

20 Acrylic Uniquarium (AIO): $80 SOLD
Black Background
All in One tank with bio disks and return pump
Wood and metal Stand that fits a 10 gallon tank as a sump
Has non functioning lights (fluorescent tube), and the tank has no bad scratches but could use a nice polish.


Par38 36W Bulbs x2: $120 (HOLD CWILLIAMS) SOLD
Bought from Reef Radiance
3 Blues, 4 Whites, 2 Violets, 1 Red, 1 Orange, 1 Green
Used time is less than a month
They are dimmable via remote from 10% to 100%


Aquaripure Small: $100
This is the new blue model that Aquaripure is selling. I had it hooked up to the BC 29 and it works great.

Aquaripure Large: $60
This is the older black box model. Had it connected to a 50G discus tank, but I have sold the discus so now I don't need the aquaripure.

Interested in cash only and prices are pretty firm. Will make deals for buying multiple items! Contact at 585 two six seven 97three9 or PM!

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Comes with InTank media add on, heavy duty stand, StevesLEDs retrofit LEDs, LR, LS, and any pumps inside. Has been up and running fallow for 8 months.


Picture of what the rockwork looks like in the tank without all the coralline covering the glass. Tank looks really nice, but I upgraded to a 40G cube, so I'm selling this one.


Comes with an old eheim canister filter and stand. No lights


THOSE AREN'T SCRATCHES! Tank was left evaporating and that's salt (sorry). Comes with near new Penguin350. No stand and no lights.


Comes with stand. Very good condition and fits a 10G tank perfectly underneath. Was reinforced with metal plating to support weight.


Fully dimmable PAR38 bulbs

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