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The Marine Aquarium and Reef Society Houston (MARSH) is hosting Reef Currents.

Below are the details thus far:

1. Saturday February 22

2. Sheraton North Houston next to the International Airport

(15700 John F Kennedy Boulevard, Houston, TX 77032)

3. Nationally renowned speakers to be announced.

4. Features Steve Tyree's Coral Farmer's Market and many coral vendors

5. More details to be announced.

(EDIT: I'll update this post as more details are known.)

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We have booked and confirmed John Coppolino as a speaker,

and are awaiting Bob Fenner and Matt Pedersen to conform their flights.

The web page should have the details, but we are still working on getting it launched

in the next week.

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I can't seem to edit the first post.

The website links posted above have all the updated links and tickets are on sale now.

John Coppolino, Matt Pedersen, and Bob Fenner, about a dozen vendors, a raffle,

and more being added.

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Hopefully with strong attendance at the inaugral Reef Currents event, MARSH will get this going as an annual event AND

we'll have a different day next year?

I am hoping to see Austin and ARC represented at Reef Currents :)

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Still can't seem to modify the first post :(

Ticket prices are $25.


It's a give away now, but a great price at $35.

See reefcurrents.org to BUY and more details.

1. Three speakers: John Coppolino, Bob Fenner, and Matt Pedersen

2. Steve Tyree in-person & coral auction

3. Fourteen vendors reasonably confirmed.

(First 5 are definite.)

  • a. 3CC a.k.a. Third Coast Corals
  • b. Building an Obsession a.k.a BAO
  • c. Fish Just Wonderful a.k.a FJW
  • d. Hi-Def Corals
  • e. Zoanthids.com
  • f. Gonzos Coral Frags
  • g. ReefKoi Corals/Evolution LED
  • h. Boston Aqua Farms
  • i. RAP-Orlando
  • j. The Coral Shop
  • k. World Wide Corals
  • l. The Ijam Coral Company
  • m. Reef Raft USA Golden Sponsor
  • n. Addicting Corals
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Hi all,

I've posted info about a one day conference in Houston like Dallas' NextWave called

Reef Currents in the Houston club MARSH forum, here.

However, I find it hard to find the post so I thought I'd mention it here too:


All details at reefcurrents.org

I drive the ~5 hours from Houston to Dallas for Nextwave, so I definitely think the ~2 1/2 hours for

Reef Currents to hear Bob fenner, Matt Pedersen, and John Coppilno; plus the vendors, plus the raffle;

plus the auction - WAY WORTH IT!

Hope to see some ARC members there :)

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Oops forgot to mention, our partners. Apologies.

We're doing this in conjunction with Steve Tyree's Coral Farmers Market (CFM) and he'll

be there with Reef Farmers (reeffarmers.com) his company, and of course hold an auction of his corals.

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Thanks James for letting me know.

Oh if you pre-order, you'll still need at minimum a vendor hall ticket if you are picking up

your order in the vendor hall. Also, I don't know the vendor pre-order details. Please

contact them to arrange it.

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I am going to have to see if the guys down here at the BCS area would like to go. This is something I don't want to miss but only having one vehicle in the family might make it a bit tricky. Crossing my fingers that I will see (and finally get to meet) you guys there.

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Check out the show specials and pre-orders some vendors are offering:


ALSO, check out the raffle list. Big prize announcement should be posted by Monday.


Partial list:

2 RODI machines,
6 LED lights,
5 skimmers
5 Vertex reactors/vessels
Dosing unit
Complete nano set-up
Tunze nanostream

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The Coral Shop
Offering a 20% discount on any pre-orders for the show. Use voucher code rc2014 it will be active til the 18th.
Pre-orders end on February 18th. Be sure to note that you want the order brought to Reef Currents for pick up.

Ijam Coral Company
Pre-orders end on February 18th. Be sure to note that you want the order brought to Reef Currents for pick up.

Boston Aqua Farms
Pre-orders end on February 18th. Be sure to note that you want the order brought to Reef Currents for pick up.

Blue Water Tropicals
Pre-orders begin one week prior to Reef Currents. Please note that you want to pick up your items at Reef Currents when you place your order. Items will be available for pick up the night before the event (2/21) or first thing in the morning the day of the event.

Reef Koi
Use coupon code RC2014 at checkout for automatic 15% off and no shipping. This code will let them know that you will pick up your order at Reef Currents. Pre-orders end on February 20th.

We look forward to seeing everyone next Saturday (2/22/14).

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Check out the raffle page for up to date items:


We are expecting another DSA tank.

BUT right now, there's already 4 separate aquariums in the raffle:

1. 90 gallon, including stand AND sump,

2. Complete Oceanic 29 gallon biocube includes delivery, set-up AND

$200 livestock credit at Urban Aquatics store

3. Two Aqueon Evolve pico's that include the LED,

Of course, the raffle has everything else, you would need for a set-up,

except maybe livestock, though some vendors may do something about that!

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Newly posted speaker topics: http://www.reefcurrents.org/speakers/

John Coppolino

"SPS Success"

  • The story behind John’s monster SPS display
  • What has made it one of the most talked about systems in the hobby.

Bob Fenner

"Tank Troubleshooting"

  • Non-Living
    • Tanks, Stands…
    • Mechanical: Filters, Substrates, Decor…
    • Controllers: Monitors, Meters, “Common Sense”….
  • Living: Appearance, behavior
  • Maintenance Issues: Tests/Testing, Water Changes, Foods/Feeding/Nutrition
  • Troubles: Disease, Toxic Situations, Gear Failure

Matt Pedersen

"Rethinking (and Breeding) the Harlequin Filefish"

  • Learn about the struggles and success of breading this gorgeous fish.
  • Pickup tips and tricks for basic breeding
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Oh do you remember reading about Sea & Reef resurrecting the C-quest clownfish line:


Well, one of our vendors: FJW is bringing a complete line of Sea & Reef clownfish for purchase &

for their own raffle. I don't know how many total clownfish are being raffled off, one or more?

ALSO: Thursday 11:59 pm online sales end for full passes at $35. Otherwise available at the door for $45.

Wouldn't you rather save that money for the raffle? Vendor hall still $15 at the door.

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