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Aqua Illunination Sol LED fixture + Controller for Sale $300


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I am exiting the hobby and have a lot of stuff for sale. First up is my Aqua Illuninaiton Sol LED fixture and Controller.

This fixture was used for about 8 months. Then I sold my house and moved. I don't have a spot for a tank in my new house so someone is going to get a great fixture at a discount.

More info on the Sol can be found here - http://www.aquaillumination.com/lighting/more.html

The fixutre and controller do some great things. You can set up many different timers, set up lunar cycles, and even set up random thunderstorms.

I have the fixture, power supply, controler, and the data cables - everything that comes with the kit new.

New this fixure costs about $600. I am selling it for $300.





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length - 11.875"

width - 5.375"

height - 2.35"

Max Wattage - 75watts

I used it in a 34 gallon Solana Tank and it worked great. I think the recomdation on the tank depends on the dimensions of the tank.


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