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Vertex ZF-30 Zeovit/Bio Pellet Reactor - Price Dropped


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I am selling my Vertex ZF-30 Zeovit Reactor. I was using it for Bio-Pellets but picked up a bigger reactor.

Upon a vinegar bath and dis-assembly for cleaning, I discovered it has a bad O-ring inside of it that restricts the flow through the reactor. I still have it and will include it in the sale but upon removal of that entire flow restrictor, the reactor works better in my opinion. I think it's there for true Zeovit use since Zeo media uses alot less flow than other medias. It still has a ball valve in the line for easy tweaking of flow rates for media.

It is cleaned up and ready for you!

Retail: $185

Yours for : $60 $50

I can bring it to school at Reagan during the week or pickup in Manor in the evenings.


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