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I Need Some Repairing Done On Samsung Surround Sound Receiver


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need a hot air gun for working with surface mount devices. It can be done with a regular soldering iron but will be very hard that way because the circuit traces can be damaged very easily, not to mention it is a 100 pin pulsus ps98298 DDCSPT 0750 korea chip.

pm me with a quote please thank for looking guys

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Strange that you ask this...

I'm replacing the main power board on my plasma tv today. :P

Samsung as well. I was trained to do component level repair but was amazed at how cheap the entire board was ($28.00) Wasn't worth my time to unsolder etc. Not sure what part is failing on yours but may be cheaper to get the whole assembly.

I went through shopjimmy.com and had my assembly in 2 days. Power module for my TV is bigger than most PC motherboards and weighs 3X. I have no idea of how they can sell this for $28.00 but it is better than paying for a new TV.

To answer your first question, no hot air gun here. Just figured I'd toss this option out there.

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