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Chiller Recommendation


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I run a chiller on my tank.

It kicks on for about 2 minutes every 20 and does a great job. Temps are stable, and it is just 2 minutes now and again during the 6 hours I'm running my halides. Never kicks on at other times. I'm totally OK with running a chiller and don't want to ditch halide for LED.

But.. It is LOUD when it is running. So, the Mrs. has said that I can/should get a quieter model. biggrin.png

What brand/model of chiller is quiet, if any? I'm OK with it running for longer as long as it is quiet. Not looking for dead silent. I'm aiming for less noisy than the fridge and dishwasher.

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I have a JBJ 1/5 HP and it's not the quietest thing ever but is on so infrequently that it's not a big deal. I'm also interested in the vibration mod as I do get some rattling from the compressor bouncing around.

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Ok.... What is this deadening clamp you speak of... I plan on having the chiller sit outside of my stand, remote, with flex hose to connect.

It's literally just a furniture clamp on the housing :) Most of my noise was the housing rattling, and not any of the moving parts. Big wife approval factor, except for the ugly factor.

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This is the guy I use on my 75, and I would recommend it as a very good chiller and as quiet as they come. Only noise is the hum of the compressor when it runs. No rattleing or need for a furniture clamp to quiet it. But you do need to keep it level to keep it from rattleing as you would any unit

I beleive they also make some units which require no circulation pump and are supposed to be even quietier.

Sea Line Chiller 1/10 HP
Model: SL150


SL150 1/10 HP Minimum Flow 200 GPH , Maximum Flo GPH 350 GPH 1/2" or 5/8" Hose Barb 1/2" or 5/8" Hose Barb 16.5" x 9.8" x 14" 2.2 1200 BTU Chill Capacity....10 degree for 85 gallons or
30 degree for 40 gallons

The Sea Line Series is an exclusive design manufactured to FHD's highest standards. All FHD chillers have built-in titanium heat exchangers providing the most longevity a chiller can have today.
All FHD chillers have built in thermal fuses to prevent compressor failure in case the water pump is not circulating properly.
To further improve the unit's performance and ease of operation, FHD has added a digital thermostat on the front of all our models to make setting the desired temperature a breeze.
Sea Line Chillers from FHD are truly the ultimate chiller for the serious hydroponic gardener, or the aquarium enthusiast....................................A Significant Step Forward in Cooling Engineering
Super Silent Design.
Sealed Fan Housing for Maintenance Free Operation.
Digital Temperature Controlled.
High grade, pure titanium heat exchangers for use in fresh or salt water application.
Environmentally friendly R134A Refrigerant.


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