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High end tank and equipment for sale


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After all of the livestock is gone I'll part out the equipment. Here's the list.

203 gallon rimless A.G.E Starfire on three sides, center overflow, PVC bottom, drilled, custom built A.G.E powdercoated steel stand, custom oak skin that pulls off in one piece. 80 gallon A.G.E sump $2,000

10X54 A.T.I Power Module T5 fixture. $700.00

Bubble King Super Marin 200 skimmer with new Red Dragon pump $OLD.

Arctica 1/3 horse chiller with Ehim 1262 pump $400.00

Profilux II Controller $700.00

Profilux 3 pump dosing unit $ comes with controller

Oceans Motion 4-way with Barracuda closed loop pump $200.00

Tunze Wave Box $400.00

Two Tunze streams $ 75.00 each

Bubble Blaster 1200 GPH return pump $100.00

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