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Neon's 75 Gal Reef Tank @ 3 Months

Neon Reefer

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Here is a link to my reef tank video, I hope you'll enjoy and provide me with some feedback. I think I have the tank where I want it now. This 75 gal. tank has been up and running for three months. My stocking list is as follows.

2 Skunk Clowns

2 Fire fish (1 orange - 1 purple)

1 Neon Goby

3 Blue Reef Chromis

3 Saltwater Mollies (1 Dalmatian - 2 Cream sickles)

2 Skunk Shrimp

2 Emerald Crabs

Assorted snails and red legged hermits

About 45 assorted SPS, LPS and Soft Corals





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Really nice for such a young tank.

Many of these corals were frags I raised in my JBJ 28 for 15 months prior to starting this tank

Thanks, I love the hobby. Very addicting!

oh, i feel so much better now. i see your three month tank and compare to my 5 month tank and had some jealous thoughts :).

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