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For Sale Ehiem 2075, 2236, 2232, 37gallon & 125 gallon tank


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Marineland 37 gallon tank kit with LED light (retails for 250) with stand (retails for 174.99) and filter plus stand and decor and stand was and a complete Nitrogen cycle filter (made by Hi-Q with Hi-Q tank clear media - retails for 64.99) - (I used it as a quarantine tank at one point for about two months, now just sitting in garage collecting dust), willing to sell the whole thing for $100 OBO SOLD


Aqueon 125 gallon tank (6x1.5x2) with stand, bought the whole setup at Petco three years ago for 450, only used for about 6months as a fancy goldfish/angel tank and about 1 month as a holding tank for my reef tank while I was rebuilding my current reef tank, (you will probably need a truck/SUV to move this, I will help you lift into your truck/SUV) willing to sell the whole thing for $100 OBO SOLD

CAM00147.jpg CAM00148.jpg

Ehiem Pro 3 2075 with media, I got 3 of them, only used for about 9months each(retails for 289.99), willing to sell each one at $120 $100 OBO

Ehiem Ecco 2236 with media (retails 210.99), willing to sell for $75 $60OBO

Ehiem Ecco 2232 with media (retails for 152.99), got 2, willing to sell for $50 $40each OBO (sold 1, only 1 left)

CAM00149.jpg CAM00150.jpg

Thanks for looking, really hate to part with these but I haven't use them for a long time, just taking up space.

I will only hold with paypal.


I will throw in other ecoxotic led strip (got 3 6in white strip and 1 48in white/blue), Reef Octopus 4" Smart fans (got 3 of them), turbo twist 3x UV, novo extreme 18in T5, PhosBan Reactor 550, or even frags(got tons of SPS, 1 miami chalice frag, and couple Z/P frags) for free if you purchase $100+ of the above items. The free stuff is first come first serve.

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