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my wifes new tank, questions


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Alright im back again, gave up on corals for a while since I work in the oilfield and my wife is not the best at looking over tanks. So I got my ferocious predator tank and the wife has the sad looking 29g biocube.

So me being the nice guy I am suprising her with a new IM nuvo 38 (HOPEFULLY she tries a lil harder). Got a couple questions about some this new equipment thats out there.

I got the jbj duo 700 led light for it. Never had leds so wondering what I could have under it sps only lps?

Next does anyone have the cobalt neo-therm heater and is it worth paying 3 times as much as a regular heater?

And third does anyone remember me? If so where are the frags for the new tank lol!

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You should be able to grow most anything under that light.

Are you going to use a controller, or just timers? That heater is about as good as they come. But I typically just use hydor theo heaters and I've never had any problem. Make sure to test the temp and not trust the dial though.

As far as rear chamber, check out: http://shop.mediabaskets.com/IM-Nuvo-38_c65.htm

They offer a bunch of options for the rear compartment. I would probably go with floss on the top level followed by carbon/gfo if needed. I believe you can get a skimmer in the back as well without it getting too ugly.

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Hey Grimreefer,

Welcome back! If your wife is not the best at tank maintenance, perhaps a softie tank with some LPS? Just a simple water change every 2 weeks and clean the glass. I did that with my nanocube for 5 years with no issues. I did run a simple refugium in the back chamber to help with stability.

Anyways, just an idea. Good luck with the new tank!

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