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Here's a few more things for y'all to consider. I need to move two
tanks, so I really need to thin things down. A lot of these were zoas I
was keeping for my own personal tanks, but I need them gone now so that I
can move things around the way I need smile.png

Same deal as always. I'll be coming down for the frag swap, and the corals can ride down with me. Paypal to hold.

Everything is wysiwyg. All corals are healthy and happy. Some of them
are partially closed because I bumped the frag rack, I'm awesome like
that, LOL. Please wait to claim corals until I am done posting. My
little brain can't keep up otherwise.


Blue Agave PE 3p $35

BHBEB 3p $20

BHBEB 13+p $50

BlueGreen Hammer 3 heads $25

BlueGreen Hammer 2 heads $20

Blue Ridge Coral 2" $10

Tubbs Blues 7p $30 (bubble algae not included)

Dark Phoenix PE morph 2p $20 (these things are HUGE)

Dragon God PE 6p $100 (if you are a serious pe collector then here ya go)

More to come

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I forgot my shark suit! LOL.

Here's the updated list of what's available, and what's not smile.png

Blue Agave PENDING


BHBEB colony $50

Blue Green Hammer 3 heads $25

Blue Green Hammer 2 heads $20

Blue Ridge coral $10

Tubbs Blues $30

Dark Phoenix morph $20 PENDING

Dragon God PE $100

Emerald Idol PENDING

Emerald PE $50

Gobstoppers PENDING

GSP Rock $10

Neon Green Hammer $15

Jokers $25

Mindblowing Paly $20

Neon GSP $10

Peach Melga $15

Pink Things $30

Pusar PE colony $50

Purple Haze monti $20

Red Devil PE $50

Scarface $50

PZ Smashing Pumpkins $30

Strawberries $50

Unknown 1 $20 PENDING

Unknown 2 PENDING

Unknown 4 PENDING

For y'all that don't know, the BHBEB are incredibly bright and colorful, and fairly hardy. The Red Devil PE is a sought after polyp for anyone who collects PE's, as is the Dragon GOD PE, which is very hard to find. And just try to find a Scarface frag for the price I have on this thread. And just so everyone understands........there are no fresh cuts here, everything has been healed for weeks or longer smile.png

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