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Red Sea pro calcium recall


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Anyone else order a new reagent "b" for their Red Sea pro calcium testers? Mine came in today. Odd...it's the same lot number as the recalled ones, but a different expiration date. I still have the bad one as well.

Gonna test my calcium with my old reagents, recalled one, and the new one and ill post results tomorrow. Tested a sample of someone else's tank water today with my old Red Sea pro calcium kit and an API tester and the results were about 200-250 ppm off. That's a pretty significant margin.

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Test results are in...

Just for formality sake, taken from my 55 gallon mixed sps tank, lights still out.

Salinity 1.026

Temperature 79 degrees

Alkalinity 7.5 dKH

Magnesium 1450 ppm

IORC salt

1 gallon saturated kalkwasser administered daily

Calcium tests

Old kit (bought last November): 450 ppm

New kit (with replacement reagent B): 450 ppm

New kit (with recalled reagent B): 525 ppm

Well...looks like my old kit is still working fine as the color flash happened right at 0.9 mL titrant used on both kits. The bad reagent B works exactly as advertised. According to Red Sea the reagent B should be trading 75 ppm higher than it should and according to my test this morning that is a spot on claim. Anyhow just thought I'd share

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Another funny thing too. These are the end colors from right to left old, new-good, new-bad. It's funny that with three of the same brand test you get three shades of blue as the end color. All three reagent Bs had a different look and texture as well. The old one being someone grainy like gunpowder, and the new ones both being powdery like confectioners sugar. Good thing were looking for a pink-blue flash transition , and not a varying shade of blue.


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