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New stand

Dustin Pedretti

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Alrighty so I don't have a build thread going but I did want to archive my stand build

I have a 125 dt that I got in a trade for a welder. It came with a second 125 tank...I thought "what tha heck...Ill use it as my sump" since it's all scratched up. So I brought it home and got it into the house(what an ordeal that was...), went to put the sump under the stand (the guy said it would fit) and guess what...it didn't fit (the stand was .5" to small).

I went ahead an put my tank together and placed the sump along the wall behind the couch (yeah...my wife loved that idea). Life went on and got busy like it does and I ended up piping another tank into this system for a nem tank. Well my wife just had our 4th child and I took off a week to help out more around the house and do some tiling in the living room and other maintenance stuff that's needed to be done for a while and decided that this is the perfect time to build my stand how I want. I don't have tons of great pictures like a lot of y'all remember to get but here's my stand that's partially done on a newly tiled floor...

This is when I'm refilling the tanks with my new rodi water...this has also made me to do a massive water change (out of about 200g of total volume I did about 75g or more...hope it wasn't too much)...geez these back breaking tanks are heavier than I remember


And here it is tonight after working on filling these all day and mixing salt 5g at a time...still foggy but it's clearing up nicely a5y8eruh.jpg

Anyhow...there it is...maby I'll actually get this thing done and painted before the end of the year...when I do I'll provide pics

Thanks for reading the long boring story

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That sure is a big shim underneath the left side. The front and back glass will screaming STRESS... Maybe u can cut a shim to match the length of the gap and relieve the stress on glass

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I was thinking the same when I was putting it in...the room the tank is an add on and my landlord is the one who built it...I just couldn't believe how un-level the floor was...thought it was me so I re-checked everything then put a 4' level on the floor and there it was...I think I'm gunna take that out and put it under the stand instead...that way there's no worries
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