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Beer and Wine Making Gear Again


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I have this stuff listed on CL. My prices for ARC members are much lower! I've realized that brewing and wine is not happening. Too many hobbies so I'm just going to sell my gear and let someone else enjoy it and I can get the aquarium gear I want. smile.png


Several beer and wine making/brewing items. All gently used. My prices are half of retail or less...

Propane Burner - Bayou Classic High Output - $40.00

Stainless Kettle - Not sure of total volume but I boiled 10g batches in it regularly (IIRC max is 12 gallons up to the rim.) - THICK stainless, not a cheap tamale or canning pot! Has a lid, bazooka screen, is drilled, and has a good stainless ball valve installed - $120

Small Brew Pot - has a lid. Good for 5 gallon batches - $20.00

Barley Crusher Malt Mill - 15# model - $50.00

Imersion Chiller - Large, this was my main chiller - $20.00

Imersion Chiller - Small, used this as a pre-chiller, or for small batches - $10.00

Batch Sparge Converted Igloo cooler - Big White Marine cooler, easy to do HEAVY beers, with
PVC manifold and ball valve - $20.00

Floor Corker for Wine bottles - $20.00

Bottle drying rack - $10.00

Stack of buckets for brewing (~7 of them and as many lids and o-rings as I can find) - $10.00

Assorted Wine/Beer bottles - Free if you buy the corker or the drying rack

If you want the entire lot, I'll sell everything together for $250.

All items are in Bastrop, but I can meet in Austin on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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