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Variety of SeaChem Additives


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Bought a bunch of these just before breaking down tank. Now the move is upon me and it would be easier to sell and just buy new when I get new tank setup (don't know when that will be). Individual prices below or take them all for $25.

Reef Complete- 2L bottle (80% full)- $10

Reef Strontium- 2L bottle (33% full)- $5

Reef Calcium- 2L bottle (still sealed)- $15

Reef Advantage Calcium 500g (still sealed)- $5

Reef Buffer 500g (still sealed) + little left in 1kg container- $5

Reef Iodide- 2L bottle (33% full)- $5

Reef Builder- 1 kg container (50% left and older)- $2

Reef Advantage Magnesium- 1 kg container (50% left)- $2

Kent Turbo Calcium- 800g container (80% full)- $5

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