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Looking for soft coral

Lorie C

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Welcome to the the ARC hobby forum. Considering that you are new to the hobby, I understand the enthusiasm to make something good happen in your gifted tank. Without that enthusiasm, it would be just a piece of furniture. However, it is not just a piece of furniture. It is a complete ecosystem, that lives and breaths and interacts with everything that you put in it. If you are interested in simplicity in operation of your reef tank, then consider harmony with inhabitants of your tank. Before adding livestock, consider its needs and then group other inhabitants that have similar needs.

A soft coral tank would be the most easily maintained and for my taste is a thing of beauty without the high equipment cost and high maintenance associated with other biothemes. Chemical warfare is a well known fact about soft corals. Choose carefully so as to not make problems for other tank mates.

This is a very friendly group. Go to this months meeting. If you network on this forum, I am sure members will bring frags for your tank.

Hold on and enjoy the ride.

After 44 years of reefkeeping, I get excited about a new discovery. When my two daughters were teenagers, they would tell friends that had come over to visit, "Don't ask dad about the aquarium, he will never stop talking". It was true then and it has not changed.

Laissez la bonne temps roulee,


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This is not a new tank it it was been set up for a year are so in a freind home but he moved he gave me the tank but he took a lot of the soft coral with him. He left me a large bubble anemone a maroon clown two gobies a damisal and a couple of mushroom coral.

just want to add more movemont to tank

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