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Ecotech has joined this century, Radion and Vortech users rejoice!

Richard L

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Ecotech featured their new web based, wireless interface at MACNA and it looks pretty cool. Currently it only supports Radions but it they said that an update will be provided this year that will also run your Vortechs. Check it out:


There's a link to get one under their beta testing for half price ($99). You have to be put on the list for the beta testing but I registered this morning and they called me this afternoon to coordinate sending a unit out. If you want to get in for that price I would register immediately. They are formally rolling it out in October for $199.

Mark Callahan also covered it in one of his MACNA videos http://www.mrsaltwatertank.com/ He said that he has been running it for several months now and really likes it.

BTW, Neptune (Apex) has also rolled out a new software update that will now support programming Ecotech and AI lights. I believe you'll have to add some hardware to get it to work. Based on what little I saw of both Ecotech's and Neptune's interface I think I'm going like Ecotech's better.

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