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Need information on where to get coral

Lorie C

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Since you are in North Austin...check out Fishy Business. It always has clean, high quality fish and corals

I agree. Fishy Business has quality fish and corals. River City Aquatics has great corals that are fairly inexspenive plus they have really nice people who work there.

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We have many great sources and stores here in town, many of which are sponsors. Off the top of my head I'd recommend these as well as the others already mentioned:

River City Aquatics (north)

Austin Aquadome (south)

Fish Gallery (central)

Stinky's Fish Mart (east)

Austin Aquafarms

I'll work to get our map updated asap.

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+1 on Austin Aqua Farms for quality and selections on Acans and Scolys + other goodies

walk ins on saturdays only at 2:PM Otherwise check out their online site or Sunday auctions on EBay with free pick up on the following saturday.

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