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Free Hermit Crab - probably Purple Pincher / Land Hermit variety


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Hi. While walking in my neighborhood last night my wife and I found a hermit crab walking in the street. We 'rescued' it but have no intention of owning a pet crab. We would like to find a home for this critter.

Here are some vague dimensions if you want to know about it's size:

  • when it's walking around its body sticks out of the shell about an inch
  • many of its legs appear to be 1.5 - 2 inches long
  • its single large claw is about 1 inch tall (when closed)
  • its shell is about 5 inches end-to-end

I am open to any and all suggestions for finding this thing a home.

Should I return it to the neighborhood where I found it? It was near a creek with plenty of oak leaves (I read that they eat them for the tannins), access to water, various critters to scavenge, etc. My concern is that the summer heat here in Austin might be harmful, or the lack of access to some vital whatever that I don't know about.

Should I take it to a pet store? I bet they have a policy against accepting donated animals.

But if you want a crab - it's yours!!



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