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Apex and Firmware updates.


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Ya I know its been out a while ;) but my system was running fine and I did not want to mess with it.

Anyways I got a new phone a verizon note 2 and want to add the app to it. I was running aquanotes. but seems its not available on playstore anymore :(

I have it on my old phone and have figured out that I can transfer it via blue tooth I have not done it yet but will If I have to.

So the questions

Any major problems going to 4.2 ?

is the neptune app better than aquanotes ? after hours I did manage to figure out how to add a profile to the neptune app LOL. I can access it from in the house or out of range of my wifi . If I log in via the web page I can controll things. If I use the neptune apex app when I hit the controll button it locks up. I assume its because I have not updated the firmware.

Is there a better app out there for controll now adays I have been totaly out of the loop.


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I had the good fortune of playing with Apex's Fusion at MACNA last week. The biggest change is that it finally looks like we'll be able to fully control AI and Ecotech lights. The way that they explained it to me is that Fusion would simply be a firmware update that should work with all our Apex's regardless of the vintage. They couldn't give me a release date but they said that they definitely want it out in time for Christmas sales. Good luck w/ your update. Keep calm and control on.

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