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Aiptasia filefish, Foxface Lo


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Aiptasia eating filefish, about 3" long. Eats aiptasia, no idea if he eats corals there were none in his tank. He also happily eats frozen food and nori! Very healthy.

Asking $25 SOLD o0zarkawater

Foxface Lo, about 4 inches long. Eats frozen, and hasn't bothered my softies in his tank at all. Healthy and fat. Loves him some algae, including bryopsis! Asking $20 SOLD JeeperTy

I can bring either or both to Austin on Saturday when I make my trip down.

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Do you think the filefish would be too large for a 29gal biocube?

I have an aiptasia problem in my cube and would rather a fish than using chemicals to smother them.

Hate to just use him and lose him, but.... pay it forward?

I think he would be fine in a 29g. He's not huge by any means at all. He does love him some aiptasia, hoovers them right up he does. If you want him, let me know and I'll bring him down when I come on Saturday.

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