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Trojan incidents


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Recently, there have been a few instances where Premium's website was
attacked by 'counter-bots'. These little pests were designed to run a
counter that allowed link-submitting websites to counts hits on our site
towards their own hits-for-pay totals. Because similar programs have
been involved with security issues in the past, this triggered Google's
Threat-blocker as well as a few other similar programs/registries.

All of the threats to Premium's website are routinely dealt with within
moments of their introduction. The registries/blockers, however, are
often monitored by agencies with too few operators overseeing too many
events. It can take from an hour to almost a day for someone on their
staffs to verify the fix and remove the threat from their database.
That's why there have been several periods of those threat messages
popping up. It is completely safe to visit Premium Aquatics.com.

Premium Aquatics' customer database is not, and has never been, under attack
from any source. We ensure that our ordering system operates only under
secure connections, and that we protect our customers' information in
all circumstances. It is completely safe to buy from Premium Aquatics.

We'll continue to diligently monitor our site and our permanent links for
threats, and deal with them swiftly. Please know that if there is ever a
real threat to our customers from an attack, we will be the first to
inform anyone who could be affected. Premium Aquatics is committed to
providing safe, secure online service to all of our customers worldwide.
We'd like to thank you all for being so understanding and supportive
during this little hiccup.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to me at: [email protected]

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