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90 gallon rimless build thread


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So finally got moved into the 90 rimless from my 48 gallon tank. This was originally Bio^3's and another member's before that. Stand is a powder coated steel from offroaddodge.

Current FTS 01-09-2014:


Sump is a custom acrylic ~30 gallons. As of now I'm going to skip the mud refugium that I had before and do a ton of macros in the center chamber.

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Current Equipment:

90 Gallon Rimless tank

Custom Acrylic Sump (~30 Gallons)

Custom Steel Stand w/walnut panels

3 Ai SOL Blue LED Fixtures

Par38 6500K - Refugium

Kessil A150 - Refugium

Maristar 2x250W MH Fixture

Reefbrite 24" Actinic Fixture

Apex Lite Controller

Octopus CR140 Calcium Reactor

Tunze ATO

DIY Dosing Pumps

SCA 302 Skimmer

Cadlights Biopellet Reactor

4 BRS Media Reactor

1/4 HP JBJ Chiller

300W ViaAqua Titanium Heater

Jebao WP40 - Tank

Vortech MP10ESW - Refugium

2 Eheim Compact Pump

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1 Yellow Tang
1 Giant One Spot Foxface
1 Black ocellaris clown
1 Two spot bristletooth tang
1 Maroon clown who's been cast to the sump
1 Royal Gramma Basslet

1 Yellow Assessor Basslet
2 Springer's Damsel
1 Fighting Conch

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Did the tank move yesterday. Grossly underestimated the time it was going to take. Ended up taking about 8 hours total. House is still a bit of a disaster.

Last shot of the old tank:


Used 3/4" Plywood for the base of the stand. Glued a really nice bright pink yoga mat to the plywood for cushion and noise dampening.


Dog thought she just got a nice new bed:


Sorry dog:


Apex and light ballast:


Empty and ugly:


1 hour of rinsing dry sand isn't enough.


Can finally see something. Needs a lot of work.


Sump closeup


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Looks awesome! You still gonna have that display fuge?

I have it for sale right now as I wasn't sure how to plumb it into the new tank. Still full of water with a pump in case I change my mind on it.

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Just switched to a WP40 from the 3 vortechs all running at 100%. Absolutely no comparison in flow and noise. I wish the WP40 had a smaller footprint, but the amount of flow is nothing short of amazing. A few of the setting were rather scary as I was not expecting that size and frequency of wave in my tank. Have a gentle wave and every inch of my tank has back and forth flow. Dropped 25db of ambient noise from my living room. Just need to get my stand skinned but my MJ1200 going through my double reactor is now the loudest thing on the tank.

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I'm in wave only right now but it's literally only been in for a few hours. Planning on trying the apex integration down the road. I have a apex lite so will need a VDM module if I decide to do it.

I know a guy who is looking to get rid of his.... :) ^^^^ RIGHT ABOVE ME

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Added one of these back at the beginning of October:


I'm was previously at about 15 lbs of rock to 110 gallons of total volume, which is no doubt on the lower side of being realistically able to adequately handle nitrification. Added a 8 x 8 x 4 ceramic block from marine pure which is duly serving as my skimmer stand. These blocks are crazy porous. Probably the most porous thing with structure I've ever seen. You can literally run water through one from the tap without it even spilling over the sides, but it feels and looks like a solid brick.

Supposedly the block can support actual denitrification, although with biopellet's that's theoretically not a huge concern. It's rather expensive but I decided to stay true to my original plan in that no rock from the ocean will be added to this tank, less a few tiny pieces of rubble that some of my frags came attached to.

With that being said, I just noticed my biopellet reactor pump was messed up and was not actually flowing through my bioepellets. I can only guess but I would say it's been at least a 4 weeks if not more like 8 weeks since I noticed more flow in my return chamber of my sump. I thought it was due to when I increased the return pump flow, during the same time, but noticed this morning that the nozzle of the reactor pump was completely outside of the reactor. My NO3 still tested undetectable so I have to assume that some serious denitirification is going on either in the ceramic block or somewhere else in the tank. I've been feeding much heavier in the past 2 months, and I added a huge foxface, which I'm still trying to catch to rehome, so the bioload has easily doubled since I added the block.

Also added a beautiful and tiny gold maroon in September as my male clown went surfing. Really sad since we've had him for about 6 months and my daughter picked him out from another local reef keeper that was able to raise a batch from eggs.

Unfortunately, he was subsequently cast to the sump because my female clown decided they're not compatible. I don't think he would have lasted more than an hour in the main tank. His fins are grown back, but she managed to make short work of his pectoral and tail fin in about 5 minutes. Pretty funny watching him though. He's a fearless pod destroyer even with some shredded fins. He will go in my office BTA build when we move locations. Best looking non-crazy maroon I've ever seen. Hopefully his color doesn't change too much as he ages.

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Here's the maroon clown. Was really hard to get a good picture with the low lighting and glare from the sump, but this one came out pretty cool even with the movement and weird glare.


His pure black fins are what really sold me on him. He's also quite a bit more red than the brown here and his eye is bright red.

Ceramic skimmer stand. This is a beast of a ceramic brick.


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Picked up a cadlights biopellet reactor on ebay to replace my beta CPR reactor, of which I'm not a fan at all. I was a little worried about the size but it still fit perfectly in the inlet/skimmer chamber of the sump.


Started religiously dosing korallen zucht SPS amino acids about a month ago, 5 drops per day, and SPS growth and polyp extension have exploded. I am extremely skeptical of any miracle additive, especially at these dosages, but there's no doubt this makes a big difference. All of my SPS look better. Several coral which hadn't encrusted in more than a year have encrusted a half inch or more at the base. 2 of my valida have easily grown a quarter to half inch in 2 months. I would absolutely recommend this stuff to any SPS keeper. It's pretty much the only additive other than Ca and Alk dosing that I would recommend. Just based on cost, I'm going to give the TLF AcroPower a shot as I've heard good things in online blogs and from other reefers.

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Tank is looking good! I with you, not easily swayed by miracle potions and stuff for the tank but I did notice a increase in growth rate and coloration when I started dosing amino acids. I currently use thr Red Sea energy formula with aminos acids and vitamins but was thinking of trying acropower on the new tank once its setup. Reefbuilders has been talking that acropower stuff up like a storm.

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