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Dual Reactor


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I would watch the tank closely for the first week or so.

When I first put my reactor online with the HC GFO I stripped the tank of all phosphates and almost crashed it.

I slowly noticed my LPS getting lighter in color, and things just didnt look as happy as they should.

Took a sample up to RCA to have my water tested and on the ultra low phosphate test I was like 1 notch from 0. I don't remember the exact reading.

Went home, dumped a bunch of food in, and turned off the reactor for a week. Everything started looking good again. Used 1/4 the gfo and slowly ramped up.

There is such a thing as too little phosphates in our tanks.

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Besides the advice you just got, every now and then run a long pipe cleaner through the tubing. The little elbows and 1/2" tube will get clogged and make the gfo tumbling less uniform. Otherwise...enjoy being able to strip phosphate from your water. I use one as well and love it. I think it plays a big part in why I'm getting excellent colors

Also every few days ill open up the ball valve and let the gfo get crazy for about 20 seconds. Keeps it from forming a brick in the lower portion

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