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Mangrove bunches 4x = $20


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Well I already have a for-sale post, but for some reason couldn't figure out how to upload pictures on an existing forum post. So I started over.

Alright guys! I'm selling in groups of four. These mangroves all of budding new leaves some less leaves then others but all are growing and healthy mangroves.

Ea. group is $20. Will hold for the day of.

Both groups: Group #1 AVAILABLE Group #2 SOLD


Group #1: Group #1 AVAILABLE


Group #2: Group #2 SOLD


Roots: This is an example of the roots on these bad boys! Tons of new growth on the roots, as you can tell!


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Ok I am confused as the original post is by Joseph but the latest one is by a different id. Jospeh, please check your PMs and respond there so we aren't coordinating it via this thread?

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