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Designer clownfish group buy

Mr Cob

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This group buy is from Sea and Reef. I will cover all shipping fees.

Visit seaandreef.com for samples.

Order close date: Sun. July 7th midnight
Order ship date: Tues. July 9th
Pickup: Wed. July 10th San Antonio or make arrangements
Austin delivery: Sun. July 14th 2-3pm

Charters of MAAST and Premium of ARC take 10% off.

XL 2"+
LRG 1.75"
MED 1.5"
SML 1.25"

Small Males:
Wyoming White $125
DaVinci Grade A $99
DaVinci Grade B $52
Phantom $100
Black Ice $80
Snowflake $39
Black Photon (hybrid, Darwin x onyx perc) $45
Maine Blizzard $70
Maine Mocha $22
Picasso Grade A $94
Picasso Grade B $52
Naked (limit 2 per my total order) $42
Black & White Darwin $25
Gold Stripe Maroon $20
Barrier Reef Clownfish (A.akindynos) $69
True Sebae $20
Barberi $22
Fiji Pink Skunk $20

Orchid (P. fridmani) MED $20
Sunrise (P. flavivertex, limit 3 per my total order) MED $24
Elegant (P. elongatus, limit 3 per my total order) MED $24
Springeri (P. springeri) MED $23

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Had a few people ask about using store credit on a group order.

I will allow half cash and half store credit on group orders. Also payment plans are not offered on group orders and all payments need to be paid in full before the order is placed.

My markup is lower than normal on group orders which is why I cannot offer all my normal perks. However, I still offer the 10% charter and premium member discounts on top of the already low prices, cover shipping and fees and best of all I offer 2 day returns for any reason (refunds are paid in store credit only).


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Here are some Sea and Reef fish I have brought in. If you read the description on the video below you will see names, I think a couple of them were Proaquatix but the rest were S&R....

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