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Red Sea Max 130 Reef Tank 34 Gal & RSM Stand $600


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Upgrading to a RSM 250 and will be ready for this set up that i have had so much luck with to go to a good home.

Everything works great! Does need a few new minor pieces but have found them on ( http://www.marineandreef.com/Red_Sea_Max_Aquarium_Replacement_Parts_130_130D_s/89.htm ) for about $60 to return it to brand new.

the parts that need replacing are:

Red Sea Max Replacement Hood Fan $5.59

Red Sea Max Replacement Timer $29.39

Red Sea Max Replacement Main Hinge Pin, 2-Pack $3.59

Red Sea Max Replacement Hood Support Pin x 4 $3.59

Red Sea Max Replacement 130D Hood Support, Set $9.79

I also have replacement bulbs for it that i will throw in.

Other than those items... The tank works just like it should. Have read some complaints about this units protein skimmer. But in my experience it works exactly like it should. And very simple to adjust compared to those idiotic biocube skimmers.

after a year and a half of success i hate to see her go but at the same time i am ready for a little more room to play!

Also it is still in use and i am in the process of cleaning and rinsing the RSM250, so it will not be available for pick up till tomorrow afternoon.




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