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My 72 Gallon Bow Front Built-in.


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It's past time to post my tank build. I've had this tank for about 10 years and have struggles with it the first 9. Lack of knowledge and trusting my LFS to educate me were my biggest problems. I found ARC about a year ago and have turned it around! It's in pretty good shape now. For the first time I'm adding coral and feel confident that I can not only keep them alive, but have them flourish! Education is a wonderful thing:) Here's my specs:

72 gallon bow front DT

Eshopps Refugium R-100, 2nd Generation (20 gallon)

SWC Xtreme 160 Cone Protein Skimmer

Neptune Systems Apex Lite

Reefbreeders Photon 48

Tunze Comline Wavebox 6208

Vortech MP40W

2 x Cobalt Aquatics MJ-1200 for 2 x BRS single reactors (carbon, GFO)

Current 1/10hp chiller (below the floor directly under the DT)

Current Gamma UV 15 watt sterilizer

approximately 75 lbs of rock

I make my sw in the basement directly below the DT. The tank water is siphoned into a pipe going through the floor to a garden hose and outside then I use a pond pump to pump it back into the sump. Much easier than lugging water up stairs like I used to.

Here's some pictures of my set up. The biggest challenge for me now is dealing with basically having an aquarium in a closet. Replacing my MH fixture with the Photon has greatly helped with the heat.








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I am so jealous of the folks with basement. Your "behind the scenes" part of the tank setup is very well done! Great job implementing the rounded tank into the house design as well.

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Well done, and I have to admire your persistence. I doubt I would have stayed with this hobby if I had problems for 9 years. That is dedication!

Integrating the tank into the stairwell looks nice. It didn't 'eat the room'...

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