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Calling all divers!


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We are happy to annouce that the dive trip to the Flower Gardens is scheduled and ready to accept reservation for a spot on the boat. The dive trip is scheduled for following MACNA. The boat will begin loading at 8pm in Freeport, Sunday, Sept 24th. Our charter is with Gulf Giving out of Freeport, TX, you can see more info about them at their website www.gulf-diving.com. The boat we are scheduled to go out on is the Fling. There will be approximately 25 divers plus 3 divemasters.

The cost of the trip will be $450 for the entire trip, of which food will be provided, as well as your 80" tanks. You are required to bring your own dive equipment. If you are an out-of-towner and don't want to lug around your equipment, you can rent equipment at any local dive shop here in Houston, or you can contact Aquatic Excursions (979-233-8800), which is across the street from Gulf-Diving. Weight belts can be provided by Gulf Diving for those flying in with their equipment, otherwise they ask if you local to bring your own weight belts since there are a limited amount. If you would like to dive with nitrox, there is a $75 charge for the three days in addition to the $450, which is a total of $525 for the weekend. Payments can me made via paypal thru our MACNA site at this link.. http://www.macnaxviii.com/registration/dive_trip.php . If you would prefer to mail your deposit or full payment, please contact me when you payment is sent so I can reserve your spot until the check is recieved. Final payment MUST be recieved by August 1st, unless something is worked out in advance. If you would like to bring a bottle of wine on the trip, you can, but it must stay in the galley. Beers and sodas will be sold for those who would like one after they are done diving for the day, they are strict about your first (alcoholic) drink is your last dive of the day.

The trip will be a total of 11 dives starting Monday. There will be 5 dives Monday, 4 dives Tuesday and the remaining 2 dives on Wednesday morning. Also, from what I understand, there should be a night dive in there as well. We will return to the dock around 5-6pm that Wednesday for those that need to schedule overnight stay and flights.

We are also in need of a few dive masters, so if you would like to be a part of this trip, please contact me. You must be certified and insured at the time of the trip.

If you have any questions about the trip, please feel free to contact me or Sharon at Gulf Diving.


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