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A few pics of creatures killed during frags dipping


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Mainly red bugs, didnt see any flatworms. There were a lot of copepods and amphipods.

All creatures were dead in a matter of minutes,corals extended polyps after 15 minutes when placed back in tank.










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Awesome photos. Did you use the Bayer dip? My sps looked the best they've ever looked right immediately after a dip in Bayer. They love it. I always just seem to kill amphipods when I dip. Never seen a flatworm, nudi, red big or anything.

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Just remember to rinse well before placing back into the tank. I did the preventative dip on all my SPS corals back in January and all my amphipods died in the tank. I am barely starting to see them again 5 months later!

My system involved dipping them for 7-10 mins in Bayer, swishing them back and forth, then putting them in another bucket with saltwater from the tank and lettting it sit in there for 10 mins, and then swishing them back and forth.

Even with the soak and rinse afterwards with fresh tank water, enough Bayer got in the main display to wipe out my amphipods!

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