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Frag tank grow out system


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I think I'm going to use this has any one used this?


I recently got my hands on a 40 gallon breeder that was a turtle tank, but now I'm going to tun it into a frag grow out system.

The dimensions for the tank that can be filled with water is 36"L X 18" W X 8" H

I'm trying to figure out what light, filter and power head flow.

MY girlfriend suggested that I put the same light that I have on my 70 gallon.

witch is

4x T5HO 36" JBJ light w/ three led moon lights

2X 10k

2x420 actinic bulbs

but what do you guys think?

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Based on my experiences with different fixtures and my own DIY you want something that's using B, RB and UV/violet LEDs for the blue spectrum and if if you can use a fixture that does not need a fan that's a plus as I am seeing fixtures with fans either clogging up from dust or sucking salt spray into the fixture. The buildmyled.com 14000K three different blues as well as CW, G and R. Also if you look at cost/wattage the 2' 14000K buildmyled.com is 39 watts @ $181 vs $209 for a 25 watt Panorama. Any LED strip light that is put inside a closed hood will need some kind of ventilation. Even though they use less electricity they still generate heat and LEDs are more sensitive to excess heat than fluorescent.

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