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A Case for Macro


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The linked reference has been put together by Russ Kronwetter, owner of Gulf Coast EcoSystem. For me, it is the most practical, comprehensive guide for the care of macro algae in our marine aquariums. With respect to Gulf of Mexico macro, this is a very good reference to identify emerging macro from GOM live rock.

In my systems of recent, tanks which get natural sunlight are sprouting many diverse red macros from diver collected live rock which I have in different systems. Using the above link not only assist with identification but also allows me to choose lighting that is appropiate for these emerging species. I think more importantly, when macros are matched with appropiate lighting their growth can be matched to a desirable pace of growth. In the case of fast growing Caulerpae, it would prevent macro sexual events in the tank. From recent research and experience, I have found that deep water species of red macro do not want intense 6500 kelvin lighting. Red Grapes and Dragons Breath both fall into this category. In my past, I have successfully grown both of these red macros with 3W per gallon of NO flourescent. Spectrum bulbs used was 6500 kelvin/actinic in 1:1 ratio.

It seems to me, that both of these red macros are desirable additions to our marine displays. For tanks with tangs, rabbits and angels these red macros will not survive. Also, Emerald Crabs will leap tall rocks to get to this stuff. In a nano reef with LED that favors the blue spectrum, these macros should make beautiful displays.


Red Finger is one of the emerging red macros.

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