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Mushrooms, Polps and GSP for sale or trade


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Have 1 blue/green striped mushrooms left - mounted on shell. Close to the diameter of a baseball when fully inflated.

post-2264-0-37365400-1371925901_thumb.jp White light picture.

post-2264-0-60547200-1371925953_thumb.jp Blue light picture.

Mother colony has mushrooms as large around as a softball or even larger.

GSP gone.

Third item is teal green polyps. About 15 mounted on small rock. Great growers (mounted as 5 Polyps less than a month ago - count 13 to 15 now).

post-2264-0-90606400-1371926475_thumb.jp White light

post-2264-0-05601100-1371926521_thumb.jp Blue light

Mother colony:

post-2264-0-29696500-1371926562_thumb.jp Blue light

Pictures really don't do these justice. Really blue/green teal under blue lights. Largest polyps are pushing the size of a quarter. Took 3 colonies to RCA a couple months back and they were gone in a few days.

All are open to offers - trade or cash. Thanks for looking.

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I was thinking $15 each for the mushrooms. Everything I find on line has them going for $30 and up. Have one person in front of you that inquired about them so I will let you know if they are still available after I get a response.

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