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SOLD - Complete JBJ 28 gal w/ Wave Maker and Skimmer

Neon Reefer

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JBJ – NC 28 Gal Complete for $225

Up for sale is my JBJ NC CF 28 Gal. New list price w/ additions is over $500. It is 18 months old and in like new condition. I ran as an LPS tank and had great coral growth. See my Gallery for photos of corals. This is a clean plug and play tank – Ready to go.

  • Original Stand
  • 104 Watt Compact Fluorescent 50 /50 bulb only 2 months old
  • Built in LED Moon Lights all working
  • 2 x Acella 250 gph return pumps
  • JBJ Wave Maker
  • Marineland 400gph Power Head
  • Aqua-Euro Nano Skimmer
  • Aqueon 300 watt heater

PM me w/ contact info to purchase

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