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Neon Reefer

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KEYE News is reporting tonight that the City of Pflugerville is going to begin a "Chlorine Burnout" of that city's drinking water supply on this coming Monday 06/17/2013 and will last for one week.

This is important to those who utilize this water supply for their Fresh or Saltwater aquariums. Even RODI water should be considered suspect under these conditions. In essence a "chlorine burnout" means the city will introduce extremely high levels of chlorine to the water supply to remove even minerals such as iron from the water. Although considered safe to drink one would experience a change in the odor and taste of the water, and should take extra precautions in utilizing this water for aquariums. Please be cautious and utilize a chlorine binding agent in all RODI made and / or utilized during this period and shortly beyond.

Again this is for the Pflugerville water customers only. If you know someone in Pflugerville with an aquarium please take the time to notify them as they may be unaware.


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I saw this on the news and wondered if anyone would be having issues with it. I do not live in pflugerville but I would hate to shower in water that smelt like a swimming pool! I visited someone in Minnesota that had well water a long time ago and it was terrible showering in water that had an odor like sulfur

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Anyone with questions can call Wiley Webb at 512-990-6402 or the City of Pflugerville Public Works Department at 512-990-6400 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

I am currently trying to contact Mr Web to verify what areas may be serviced. I know the water treatment plant is located near the lake.

More info when I receive it.

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Here is a copy of the response I received from Mr. Webb


All of Pflugerville including Windermere and all areas serviced by Manville WSC will be affected. My understanding is that the Cities of Manor and Hutto will also be participating.

The main concern is not the levels although they might be slightly elevated they will remain below 4mg/L. However we will be using Chlorine instead of Chloramines as our disinfectant during the burn. You might have to use a different method of chlorine removal than that used for chloramines. You should contact a pet store or other aquarium professional for any advice in chlorine verse chloramine removal.


Wiley Webb

Utility Superintendent

Public Works Department


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