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SOLD - Purple Tip Frogspawn & True Undata Montipora


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Purple/Pink Tip Frogspawn ("rose" tip)

3 heads -$30 $25 SOLD

2 heads w/ 3rd baby head started $25 $20 SOLD



True Undata Monitpora 1 1/2" -$15 $10 SOLDpost-1120-0-73114900-1370985609_thumb.jp



Thanks for looking!

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what kind of light are you running? I see a reverse poker star monti in there.. mine doesnt look anywhere near as good as that...

One 150w 14k Phoenix MH and Two 420nm/460nm actinic 65w PCs -37g

The monti's are actually a Sunset, Rainbow, Warp Speed and the Undata. The other frag in the back ground is what I salvaged of my purple garf bonsai after my 75g tank crashed two months ago sad.png

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