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As Promised, Going to start a Clownfish breeding thread here on ARC to show you guys my progress sofar. Im very lucky to be in the position i am in now, it's been years in the making. Lots of trial and error and tons and tons of reading and adjusting here and there.Also have ran into alot of known knowledged Breeders around to the US that have helped me along the way to perfect my breeding techniques. As some of you know it takes alot of time , effort and dedication to get great results from breeding clowns all the way to getting your juvi's to a good size to rehome, not easy but can be done.. My goal here is to educate and meet other breeders that are willing to share there experiences cause i believe if we work together we can make it not only easier, but also more fun and better results especially in the designer clownfish world which is a big part of reefing at the moment.. So that being said here's some videos of broodstock and some juvi's im working with, hope you enjoy and if you have any questions please dont be afraid to ask! Im here to help not fight/argue but to educate some people into breeding clownfish the way it works for me.Enjoy






Videos below. WATCH IN HD!!

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Just thought i would update a little and show some of my midnight snows(aka black snowflakes)and show how they have colored up at such a young age, also have some very nice normal black and whites and misbar clownfish as well.Got a great variety of different morphs from this pair.. Also working on a new pair that has already produced lots of super black snowflakes that i cannot wait to show you guys soon....Thanks and hope you enjoy!!videos below



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