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would low flow affect sps in a day's time


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i lowered my MP40 to 50% from 100% and in one or so days i had sps recede on top for some and at the bottom for others

forest fire digi went from looking great to horrible

i haven't tested paramaters yet but havent changed anything

changed gfo and carbon saturday and lowered flow

last night no "feelers" feeding on any corals and this afternoon unhappy varied corals while others chalices lps etc seem fine

temp 79-80

skimmate black and nasty as usual

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1.025 two different refracto's

ca 400 LFS red sea i think

kh 9.1 LFS red sea

magnesium 800 LFS red sea

had a little extra time today so lfs checked levels

thanks to all for offers to test....i may still take some of you up on your offer later in the week

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While I do not personally keep SPS, it is my understanding that they are feeders of smaller particles in the water column. Lower flow would mean that the bigger particles are not staying suspended in the water column and would be more likely to settle on the bottom or on rock work and cause higher ammonia and thus nitrite and nitrate.

From what I am read SPS seems to prefer high flow so that could definitely be a determining factor in why the corals retracted. I tend to think of it like this, "What happens to me when I fall into cold water? Oh, I freak out because it's cold!!! ::shivers::", i.e. any change in the environment is going to cause stress and thus a reaction from the inhabitants.

My recommendation is to wait a few days and see if they get used to it. Admittedly that is advise from someone who has never kept and SPS coral.

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