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SUPER REDUCED - Fishies For Sale! :)


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Hi all,

Selling the following.. Reasonable offers accepted. Low ballers will be ignored.

  • Spawning Darwin Pair - LARGE! - $300


  • XXXL Oscellaris Female x Large Doni's Reef Super Picasso (Snocasso) Pair - CLOSE TO SPAWNING - $200... Oscellaris Female picture available upon request... she looks just like any other normal clown. Here is the Super Picasso - He is the one that stays in the pot, near the bottom.


  • 3 x Super Platinum - $60/ea


  • XL Blue Hippo Tang 5"-6" - Tank raised her whole life (bought from Pham) - $70
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Okay, feel free to PM with offers... Don't know how these aren't gone. A breeding pair like the Darwins should be going for an upwards of $600....

A little out of my price range and tank volume :).

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